visual processing and testing, ultrasound processing, eddy current processing, x ray processing and imaging, magnetic methods image processing
Magnetic Methods Image Processing, Ultrasound Image Processing, Eddy Current Processing  

Magnetic Methods Image Processing, Ultrasound Image Processing, Eddy Current Processing

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Magnetic Methods Image, Ultrasound Processing, Processing Eddy Current Muulam®
Image Processing, Ultrasound Processing Image, Processing Magnetic methods Kovid RT for Civil Engineering
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Kovid RT

Lucid Software presents Kovid RT software, an expert system for nondestructive testing (NDT) and management of inspections.

Kovid RT can acquire data from NDT systems. Process data and reconstruct previously processed data in a usable form for easy viewing results. Provide platform for storing and retrieving in a most user friendly way. Support different NDT techniques.

Kovid RT can integrate data from different NDT techniques to increase reliability of evaluating materials and structures. It provides an open environment to enable integration of existing and new algorithms/techniques developed by research labs.

Kovid RT is based on a modular and scalable architecture, which enables integrators to adopt the software platform at their own pace, while ongoing developments introducing new functionality continue to expand the platform itself.


  • Core engine includes data acquisition, analysis, visualization and reporting modules
  • Easy, quick plug-in with different hardware
  • Intuitive Data visualization
  • Unified data storage
  • GUI customization
  • Built on industry standards such as DICONDE
  • Automated defect detection and characterization
  • Easy and quick integration of new algorithms into data processing pipeline
  • Process, reconstruct, integrate processed data from different NDT techniques such as Ultra-Sound (UT) including Phased Array (PA) and Sampling Phased Array (SPA) methods, Impact Echo (IE), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Radiography (X-Ray), Eddy Current, Thermography
  • Expandable to next generation NDT techniques
  • Fast computing using GPU
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Magnetic Image Methods Processing, Image Ultrasound Processing, Eddy Current, Current Eddy Processing


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